Our Community

Our company specializes in crafting and design of exclusive lining fabric, primarily made of cellulosic fibers like acetate and acetate-viscose.
We are in the constant pursuit of beauty and singularity that defines different personalities, allowing us to create fresh designs for unique garments to be treasured for a lifetime.
We promote the use of acetate and viscose, two cellulosic friendly fibers that works perfectly together, highlighting your tailored creations with beautiful bicolor tones and a silky look that just hangs in the right way.

Welcome to our community!


Wonder Nature Collections

Evergreen flowers, woods and fantastic beautiful creatures. If we pay close attention we realize that the dream of a Wonderland is present on our every day lives.

We have a world filled with wonders, ours to enjoy if we just let ourselves be captured and riveted by the sounds of birds at dawn, insects at dusk, to inhale fresh air after a rainy day or the bright colours of a butterfly dancing between the rays of sun.

Structural Collection

The confection of a suit requires skill and artistry, along with a profound knowledge of the shape and anatomy of the person who will wear it. It could be said that a tailored suit conditions the body in the same way architecture des with living, restraining or highlighting postures and reducing or giving mobility to the body depending of the suit structure.
This collection is inspired by the relationship between architecture and tailoring, celebrating it with geometrical patterns that represent different personalities.

Unseen Beauty Collection

We live in a world full of invisible beauty, so subtle and hidden, that if often goes unnoticed. If we take a look under a microscope, submerge into the sea or simply observe carefully the world, we can discover completely new universes right in front of our eyes.
Unseen Beauty is what nobody is watching but everyone should see. It is nature´s will and it´s powerful message: True beauty lies in diversity.

Micropatterns collection

The Micropattern collection provokes and highlights through color, showcasing the classic beauty of the ligaments in a weave without figurative distractions. Just like birds and insects use their color and flare to attract their mates and give an unforgettable first impression, we human beings are also genetically programmed to give an instinctive response to audacious color.
Lets then experience this sensory language, using contrasts and harmonies to convey are unique personalities.

Time for Fun!

It´s an invitation to celebrate those memorable moments of pure fun and energy that give us a boost. A bicycle ride, a quiet afternoon devouring a novel, playing your favourite sport or whatever your passion is, celebrate it with this selection of Jacquards and prints.